Koi: The Ultimate Compliance Solution for Packaged Liquor Deliveries

Automated Compliance for Packaged Liquor Delivery in Victoria, Australia

Failed Deliveries? No Problem!
Welcome to Koi, the game-changing SaaS product meticulously designed for liquor licensees who make off-premises deliveries. No more tedious manual records keeping. We've automated the process, ensuring compliance with the Ministerial Order issued on 21 September 2022. Your ecommerce business is all about convenience for your customers. Shouldn't your record-keeping process be just as seamless? With Koi, we've made it so.
Capture Essential Data Effortlessly
From noting down the date and time of each failed delivery, to recording the postcode of the refusal location, Koi has got you covered. We also track the total number of successful deliveries made during the relevant period, providing you with insightful data at your fingertips.
Seamless Reporting to the Victorian Liquor Commission
The annual data submission to the Victorian Liquor Commission no longer needs to be a daunting task. Our SaaS product will compile all necessary data, ready for submission by 30 July each year. Simply put, Koi transforms compliance into a stress-free experience.
Get Ahead With Koi
If you're a licensee who delivers packaged liquor via off-premises request, Koi is the ultimate tracking and reporting solution for you. We suggest you begin tracking your deliveries now. Get onboard with Koi and let us streamline your reporting process, leaving you with more time to focus on growing your business.
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