Ship Orders

As merchants just like you, we believe that it should only take a single click to weigh an order, get live carrier rates, print shipping labels/invoices, and mark an order as fulfilled everywhere.

Ship orders faster

Koi makes fulfilling orders as easy as a single click. Just click fulfill and the parcel weight is automatically calculated, verified, and a Australia Post label printed.

Multiple boxes? Barcode check off? No problem.

Automagically check off line items with a barcode scanner. Line items are automatically added to boxes as they're scanned. Easily ship multiple articles in a single consignment. Carrier calculated rates are live updated.

Compatible with the the couriers you need

Koi seamlessly integrates with the carriers you use, including validating address, fetching rates, creating consignments, creating labels and manifests.

Fulfill orders created in Shopify

When you ship an order using Koi the fulfillment can automatically be created in external shipping carts such as Shopify.

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